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Gasfitting Course Information for Sessions 3 thru 10

*New Feature Added*

We have just added the option to now save your online course and finish it later, Do your continuing education a litte at a time, However you must still complete the course in 30 days.

The requirement for renewal is 6 hours per each renewal cycle.

MPCES offers sessions 3 thru 10 online.

The online course for gasfitters will be based on 70 questions for each session.

All of the online course questions are based on information in our continuing education workbook only.

When you apply on-line or by mail and your payment is received, MPCES Online will email you a password that will allow you to take the online course.

1) If you pass with a 70% or better you will be notified of your results by email and your certificate will be emailed, and MPCES Online will also mail you the hard copy at the address listed on the application form.

2) If you fail the online course questions, you will be notified by email and you will be able to take the exam once more for an additional fee which will be the same price of the first exam taken.

Option 1:

Take the course Online

  • Download the Continuing Education book and answer the questions online.

Option 2:

If you do not wish to take the course Online you can use our long distance learning tool

  • MPCES will mail the Continuing Education book to you and you can mail the questions back to us in a prepaid envelope.

Click here to go to the gasfitting application page using PayPal

Click here to mail your gasfitting application payment

After you complete the Online application you will be taken to our PayPal site to pay for your Course.  You will be notified by email for further instructions.